Aircraft Brokerage

At Jet 1, we make it our priority to meet all of our customer’s aviation needs. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing a new or pre-owned aircraft, our decades of experience assure that you will be receiving the highest quality service possible.

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis
  • Pricing and Valuation of Aircraft
  • Maintenance and Inspection of Aircraft
  • Contracting and Documentation
  • Aircraft Management
  • Fleet Hiring

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Jet 1’s research and analysis team is dedicated to maintaining the most up-to-date and accurate market information when it comes to your aircraft. An investment this big demands in-depth knowledge so that you can buy or sell with confidence.


That’s where we come in. Our experts provide more aircraft data, including sale price history, market trends, and real-world context, than any other brokerage worldwide. And not only will we pull the numbers, but we’ll also work side-by-side with you and review each and every item until you’re certain that you’re making a smart investment.